Chicago Garage Door Repair residential, commercial, openers, springs, installation, repair services  
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(312) 260-1339
Chicago Garage Door Repair residential, commercial, openers, springs, installation, repair services
Chicago Garage Door Repair

Chicago Garage Door Repair has many technicians all throughout the entire area of Chicago, IL that specialize in garage door repair, installation and replacement.  Chicago Garage Door Repair also specializes in garage door hardware repair, installation and replacement.  Our elite group of technicians are licensed and insured and have at least 7 or more years of experience.  There is no garage that is not repairable, nothing that they cannot fix.  Whether it is a broken spring, the motor on your garage door opener needs repair, or a weatherstripping installation Chicago Garage Door Repair will respond to your call within the hour.
A garage door is something that may be overlooked because of things in life that keep you busy like work, school or having kids.  Many people miscalculate the significant role that their garage door plays in their lives.  Sometimes all it takes is a garage door with a strong appearance to ward off criminals and deter them from you property.  Especially if you have a garage door opener installed with the latest security systems that have rolling code security and secure locking systems.  If a thief sees that your vehicle and home are protected by a modern garage door with security they will look for an easier target. Not only is the security and important aspect but your garage door can add or take away from your property value.  If you have a garage door that goes with the design of your house and has a beautiful appearance then it increases the beauty of your home’s frontier and aesthetical value.  In that same respect, a garage door that needs serious repair and is broken down can take away from your property value and turn heads for the wrong reasons! Ask any home realtor and they will tell you that a garage door is one of the main focal points of your home and if it is not maintained or doesn’t look nice, then it makes it less valuable.  If you need a garage door repair or a customized door installed call Chicago Garage Door Repair and we will respond quickly to your needs.  Our entire staff is highly trained to best help you with your garage door needs.  What is unique about Chicago Garage Door Repair is that we are an honest company and will tell give you advice that will best fit your budget and benefit your pockets.  Chicago Garage Door has a reputation of honesty and that is how we attract our customers.  We want to continue reeling in customers by our competitive prices and professionalism by guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.  Every 8-12 months the Chicago Garage Door Repair staff goes through training and is being observed by higher level management in order to keep our promise of efficiency and high grade service. 
Chicago Garage Door Repair Installs and Repairs:
  • Commercial Garage Doors
    • Loading Dock Doors, Fire Doors, Rollup Gates, Traffic Doors, Rolling Service Doors and more
    • Insulated/ non-insulated
  • Residential Garage Doors
    • Wooden Doors, Wooden Composite Doors, Steel Doors, Glass Doors, Vinyl
  • Garage Door Hardware:
    • Extension Springs
    • Torsion Springs
    • Cables
    • Pulleys
    • Rollers
    • Tracks
    • Brackets
    • Garage Door Openers
    • Garage Door Opener Motors and Drives
      • Belt/chain/screw drive/computer controlled drive
    • Bottom rubber
    • Weatherstripping
    • Lock Handles
    • Lock Bars
    • Panels
    • Sections
  • And more!

Our local garage door company in Chicago, IL provides courteous, prompt and efficient services throughout the entire metro area.  Chicago Garage Door Repair has been around for over 10 years and business has been flourishing because of all the positive feedback from our customers.  We rely on your referrals to help our business grow which is why Chicago Garage Door Repair only provides the best garage door services.  We truly believe in the marketing principles that if our customers are happy then business will be perpetual.  If you have any inquiries, need consultation, want to schedule an appointment or have an emergency garage repair at hand call Chicago Garage Door Repair now.